Two Core Practices

Core Practices of Porn Yoga

Porn Yoga is a practice-based approach to masturbating where we place part of our attention on the porn and part on the sustained sexual arousal in our bodies. The immediate result is increased feelings of pleasure. Over time, these erotic practices support us in integrating sexual arousal into our bodies and our lives. Porn Yoga is an effective strategy to break old habits and learn new ways of being sexual. Enroll Now.

Claiming Pleasure

In many individuals, sexual arousal is a motionless event, accompanied by muscle tension and rigidity. Porn Yoga practices that include breathing, shaking, moaning and self-touch are both pleasurable and preparations for sex with others. The practices in this class will help integrate sexual arousal into all parts of your body and your life. Enroll Now.

Playing with Attention

Enjoy two Porn Yoga practice sessions from beginning to end--Drew's very first session and Danča's second session. Both Drew and Danča are Sexological Bodyworkers and somatic sex educators, so they are familiar with practicing sex. You can hear Drew talk about his session in his video journal recorded immediately after his Porn Yoga session. Enroll Now.

Technologies for Hands Free Practice

Hands-free Porn Yoga involves moving and thrusting into an anchored Fleshlight or vibrator.  The hands, liberated from genital stimulation, can now touch and play with all parts of the body. This practice disrupts chronic chest and shoulder tension and enables feelings of freedom, openness and ease of breathing.

Traditional masturbation produces patterns of tension in the muscles of the arms and upper torso. These muscle constrictions limit our orgasms.  In hands-free Porn Yoga, these habitual tensions in the upper body don't occur. Because of this newfound relaxation, hands-free masturbation is a whole new way of experiencing sex. Enroll Now.

Hands Free Masturbation

Move your sexual arousal throughout your body with these eight pleasurable hands-free Porn Yoga practices. Enroll Now.

Master Sessions

What might Porn Yoga look like after six sessions?  After eleven sessions?  Enjoy and marvel at these two Porn Yoga sessions. Rob*in also filmed an introductory video and both Rob*in and Jack filmed reflection videos after finishing their practice sessions.  These two had a lot of fun masturbating hands-free. Enroll Now.

Integrating Arousal

According to neuroscientist Daniel Siegel, “Integration, defined as the linkage of differentiated components of a system, is the core mechanism in the cultivation of health and well-being.” Jack spends a lot of his Porn Yoga sessions scanning his body, noticing sensations, especially the feelings of aliveness and arousal. Notice that Jack feels his sensations from within rather than noticing them as an observer from the outside. Enroll Now.