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Therapists, You Are Needed

Watching porn is seldom addressed from a somatic perspective. And yet, this perspective may be the most important. Porn so completely grabs our attention that we forget to feel and enjoy our own sensuous bodies. The somatic problem with watching porn is that we forget our bodies. This self-forgetting during arousal certainly isn’t how anyone imagines sex would operate in their life. This ultimately causes shame. So there is a need.

Help your clients upgrade their experience of arousal with two easy-to-learn somatic practices. These are called “leverage practices” because a small effort by your clients can produce astonishing and life-changing results in their bodies and lives. 

  1. Suggest your clients Stand and Move while they enjoy porn. This small shift from almost motionless prone sex to standing and moving can jolt them out of their habits while they are playing with their arousal. 
  2. The Pendulum, the second core practice, involves your clients periodically turning away from the porn for five breaths while scanning sensations within their aroused bodies, and then returning their attention to the porn.

These two simple but effective practices were created within the profession of Sexological Bodywork as a way for individuals to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of embodiment while masturbating to porn.

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