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Pendulum – Playing with Attention

In the Pendulum, you simply bring your attention away from the porn to your own aroused body for five breaths. You can pause the porn or just close your eyes. As you breathe, scan through your body, noticing the places of most pleasure. During the Pendulum, most people continue to move and stimulate themselves, but some pay attention better with stillness. The point here is to place your attention on the delightful sensations within your body. After five breaths, return your attention to the porn.

Some people have difficulty turning away from the porn for even five breaths. If this is the case for you, notice your body for two breaths. Over time, the sensations of excitement and bliss in your body may seduce you into spending longer than five breaths while savoring. Bringing your attention from the erotic visuals to the sensual pleasures of your own body takes practice. You are moving from the visual processing part of your brain to the sensation processing part of your brain and back again – and this takes practice. You can do the pendulum as often as you wish.

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